Food and Farming in the News Weekly Update

From Roots of Change

Eating Well Tough To Do For Many of Valley’s Poor A recent study conducted near Fresno, California finds a strong correlation between poverty and obesity.

Can These Innovative Plates Improve Our Diets? Two designers influenced by the food pyramid hope to create better guidelines on healthier eating habits through the redesign of plates.

Nitrogen – The New Carbon? A recent conference gathers scientists to address the environmental effects of nitrogen as well as its social consequences.

American Farmland Trust Awardee Embraces Stewardship An exemplary role model: Californian cattle rancher implements conservation strategies for his land.

How to Tend to Your Organic Garden Easy ways to improve your organic garden – watering and fertilizing techniques.

Cooking For Solutions Sustainable Foods Institute The Monterey Bay Aquarium hosted its annual conference bringing together science experts, chefs and authors to foster better awareness of how the food we eat affects the environment.

Sustainable Food and Privilege: Why is Green Always White A controversial perspective on the history of the food movement and the leaders behind it.

USDA Defines Sustainable Agriculture Learn how sustainable agriculture can be defined in a variety of ways in a recent report by the USDA.

Cool Temperatures Slow Fruit Ripening Cool temperatures and inconsistent weather conditions cause a slow start for spring fruit and vegetables.

Permaculture: The Next Step Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Society? Will an old farming method that observes healthy and complete systems in nature make a big return in agriculture?

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