Food and Traceability System Computer

Redmond - WA January 14, 2015 / Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer specializing in barcode data collection, has announced a new larger Touch Screen Computer for The SIMBA Food & Produce Traceability System. SIMBA provides fresh food producers the ability to process, label and track their products from "field to customer". Increase productivity speed and traceability    The SIMBA (Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy) Wash Down Touch Screen provides for use in harsh conditions where water and dust are involved. SIMBA  Traceability Systems are designed for companies who can benefit from fast and accurate information of production (real time) and sales. SIMBA tracks, labels and ships an unlimited number of products with specific species and characteristics.  The upgraded Touch screen allows for rapid processing of different species and varieties. The system automatically generates bills of lading and verifies shipments, eliminating charge-backs. SIMBA Enterprise allows the user to track and organize products by pallet, lot and case. Inventory can be tracked by location, allowing moves from warehouse to warehouse, including repeated commingling and re-boxing at any point in the process without losing lot traceability.

SIMBA also now interfaces directly to any scale that has a digital output to a serial or USB port.  The weight of the carton is automatically added to the database within SIMBA and may be added to the label on the fly.  The ability to have this information automatically can save the producer or packer time when processing and packing a high volume of product.

Results     Key results from implementing the SIMBA software include increased productivity; the ability to get real-time, accurate production reports; ability to fulfill traceability requirements; accurate inventory; professional looking carton and pallet labels; and expedited van loading.

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