Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program

Thinking of starting a food business?

From understanding the basics of starting a food business to individualized step-by-step assistance to the marketplace, the Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program is the place to begin. Since 1989, this nationally recognized program has been helping entrepreneurs from throughout the country achieve their dream of starting a food business.

Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program

As a new or potential food entrepreneur, it is often difficult to find an accurate source for the information necessary to successfully launch a business in the food industry. Many great ideas never make it to the marketplace because entrepreneurs do not know the steps to take to accomplish this goal. Ensuring a food product survives and prospers in a highly competitive marketplace requires informed decisions, careful planning and precise execution.

The Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program is the source for assistance through all phases of establishing a food business – from developing a product formulation and process through introduction to the market.

This unique and comprehensive program begins with a one-day seminar, “From Recipe to Reality”, which provides entrepreneurs with a basic understanding of the issues crucial to deciding to start a food business. Following the seminar participants may choose to enter the second phase of the program — “From Product to Profit.” During this phase entrepreneurs receive confidential, individualized assistance from our food scientists and business consultants.

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