Food Justice Film Festival in California

Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy and the California Food and Justice Coalition announce the inaugural Food Justice Film Festival, to be held on Friday, November 4th, 2011 in Oakland, California. The food movement is a wide collection of individuals, organizations and communities working toward a food system in which everyone has access to affordable, healthy food that is produced, processed and served equitably and sustainably. The Food Justice Film Festival will celebrate this diversity through films covering such issues as food activism, urban agriculture, and the relationship between food security and climate change. Part One of the evening will consist of five shorts, highlighting food struggles from local to global. Part Two will conclude with a screening of the film, “In Search of Good Food,” a profile of California’s sustainable food system by local filmmaker and urban farmer Antonio Roman-Alcalá. Special guests TBA will be present to introduce the films and take questions from the audience. “Our goal is to bring together filmmakers, media activists and community organizations to open a dialogue through film about today’s most pressing food issues,” said William Wroblewski, Food Justice Film Festival Coordinator and Food First Fellow. “We have selected films with regional and hyper-local viewpoints, in the hopes of illustrating both the unity and diversity within the food justice movement.” The Food Justice Film Festival is a program of “Food Justice: Honoring Our Roots, Growing the Movement”, the 15th Annual Conference of the Community Food Security Coalition. This annual conference brings people together to shape the future of the food justice movement. Click "Read More" to check out all the food and farming films they'll be showing, and to find out more about the event...


Festival Program:

Part I: From Local to Global

Joy [2009]

Director: Andrew Hasse & Adam Goldstein, East Bay Pictures, 8 minutes

Joy Moore, longtime food activist, teaches gardening and nutrition to high schoolers at Berkeley Technology Academy This inspiring profile of an effective local educator shows how working with youth can change attitudes about food, improve self-esteem, and transform our ailing food system.

Mandela Marketplace [2011]

Director: Cara Jones, Storytellers for Good, 4 minutes

Mandela Marketplace makes fresh organic produce available to the residents of West Oakland. This story chronicles the efforts of a team of dedicated young people who transport this produce from Bay Area minority farmers to liquor and corner stores in their community

Food Forward, Episode 1 (Segment) [2011]

Director: Greg Roden, 15 minutes

Food Forward goes beyond celebrity chefs, cooking competitions, and recipes to reveal the compelling stories of people who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it. This segment, which features stories from Oakland and Detroit, is from the pilot episode for a 13-episode series that is slated to air on PBS in April, 2012.

The Food and Climate Connection [2010]

Director: Sarah Grady; produced by WhyHunger

The global food system is responsible for fully one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change, in turn, is contributing to rising rates of hunger. The good news is that the kind of agriculture that’s good for our health is good for the planet as well. This film is the centerpiece of a detailed section on Climate and Food on WhyHunger’s Food Security Learning Center.

Save the Farm [2011]

Director: Michael Kuehnert, WSR Creative, 30 minutes

Activists and celebrities stage an 11th hour tree sit in LA’s South Central Farm to save the farmers from eviction from the largest urban farm in America. Featuring Daryl Hannah, Julia Butterfly Hill, John Quigley, Tom Morello, Alicia Silverstone.

(10 minute intermission)

Part II: Challenges and Solutions from California (8:15 PM)

In Search of Good Food: A Film Tour of California’s Sustainable Food System [2010]

Director: Antonio Roman-Alcalá, 60 minutes

In Search of Good Food follows Antonio Roman-Alcalá, an urban farming activist from San Francisco, on his search for the “sustainable” food system in California, and seeks to answer the question: does the sustainable food system actually exist? If not, what is preventing it from becoming reality? Mixing interviews with farmers, farm workers, consumers, scholars, educators, grassroots organizations, and others who form the food movement in California, In Search of Good Food will make you think beyond “voting with your fork”, to the real challenges and opportunities that we face in creating a safe, just, and sustainable food system.

Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy is an Oakland-based organization that shapes how people think by analyzing the root causes of global hunger, poverty, and ecological degradation and developing solutions in partnership with movements working for social change.

The California Food and Justice Coalition is a state-wide membership coalition that promotes the basic human right to healthy, affordable food while advancing social, agricultural, environmental and economic justice. The organization achieves its goals through education, advocacy and by collaborating with community-based efforts in California.

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