Food Systems Project is Hiring

Position Title: Corner Store Produce Project Coordinator Location: Lansing, MI Job Description: The Corner Store Produce Project Coordinator works to provide fresh produce at four participating Quality Dairy stores in the Lansing area.  This position is for 15 hours a week at a rate of $8.00 and hour.  The rate of pay may increase depending on the level of experience. Importance of the Position: Northwest Lansing is a “food desert,” meaning residents have little or no easy access to a full service grocery stores.  It is difficult for residents to eat healthy when shopping at local convenience stores, so the Food Systems Project partnered with Quality Dairy to increase the amount of produce sold in the store.


· Access to reliable transportation

· Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds

· Must be available on Wednesday’s (the rest of week is negotiable)

· An eye for detail in regards to attractive display set up

· Ability to successfully interact with QD management, staff, and customers

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel a bonus


· Transportation of produce from base store to three other participating stores

· Weighing of produce items for pricing

· Placement of all produce on display

· Creation and distribution of recipe cards for all items on display

· Data collection:  Tracking of all produce sales and waste

· Performing intercept surveys with shoppers to record data needed for grant purposes

· Creation of spreadsheets to report collected data

· Maintaining relationships with QD management and Heritage Acre Farms

· Maintaining contact with partners whom support the project

· Maintaining any volunteers involved

· Coordinating and planning special events

Contact Person: Joy Baldwin, Food Systems Project Coordinator; (517) 999-2894;

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