Funding Opportunities: Weed Science, Livestock, Ecosystem Restoration

Weed Science Society of America Undergraduate Student Research Grant

The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has developed an Undergraduate Student Research Grant program designed to encourage and involve exceptional undergraduates in agricultural research. The program offers awards of up to $2,000 for support of research to be conducted during 2015.
The application deadline is December 1, 2014.

Indiana Livestock Promotion and Market Development Grants
Indiana State Department of Agriculture is now accepting applications for matching grants to foster growth within the Hoosier livestock industry. The livestock promotion grant will help fund youth programs and events, shows, sales, exhibitions, educational programs, conventions, and similar events or projects. The market development grant provides funding for value-added feasibility studies, research projects, market development, and other projects that encourage the development of business and industry related to livestock production, processing, and distribution.
Applications are due by December 1, 2014.

Vermont Ecosystem Restoration Program
The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation has announced the second round of grants under the Ecosystem Restoration Program. These grants restore and protect rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands from unregulated nonpoint source runoff and erosion containing nutrient and sediment pollution. Typical project budgets range from $10,000 to $75,000. Municipalities, state agencies, regional organizations, nonprofit organizations, and citizen groups are eligible.
Proposals are due November 10, 2014.

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