Georgia Organics Conference: March 11-12, 2011

Vandana Shiva, the world-renown advocate for organic agriculture, seed saving, and ecological prosperity will deliver the keynote speech at the Georgia Organics 14th Annual Conference & Expo Saturday, March 12.

Activities at the 14th Annual Georgia Organics Conference & Expo include 12 food and farm tours, nine educational sessions, and 10 in-depth workshops led by nationally recognized experts on topics for farmers, teachers, gardeners, parents, homesteaders, do-it-yourselfers, community activists, and everybody in-between.

The climax of the conference is the Farmers Feast, a meal prepared by a team of the South’s top chefs using only local, organically grown foods.

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When: March 11-12, all day, each day.

Where: Savannah International Trade & Convention Center

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