Good Earth Farm Internships, Washington State, 2012

Good Earth Farm Internships in Washington State, 2012. Good Earth located in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA reaches out as an educational resource for folk who are hungry to learn how to provide healthy food and lifestyles for themselves and others. They believe that nature has created the perfect design, so they employ natural farming techniques, like those promoted by Masanobu Fukuoka as well as the philosophy of Michio Kushi who taught that health could lead to peace. Yoga and meditation also forms an integral part of the program.Picture of Farm in Washington State Good Earth grows produce, herbs and flowers on a leased acre of land at Talking Horse Farm, a beautiful 160 acre working farm on San Juan Island. Everything is done by hand as they transition to organic no-tillage. Produce is sold locally and although the emphasis is not on commercial growing they obviously need to distribute the foods and to recognize the reality of sustaining the project financially. This summer Good Earth will be hosting a workshop by Larry Korn, editor of the One Straw Revolution. Internship Starts: April 2012; Internship Ends: late October 2012; Number of Interns: 2; Minimum Length of Stay: full season Get detailed information and find out how to apply by clicking "read more".

Skills Desired: For 2012 they are looking for people who have at least one season of experience on an organic farm. You must be full of energy and prepared for the hard, physical work. A willingness to learn and receive guidance is most important, alongside the desire to cultivate personal development through working and communicating with others on a common goal.

Internship Details: You will fully participate in the running of a small-scale organic vegetable farm doing 32 hours of work per week. The internship will start with a trial period of two weeks. Your work will include the whole range of tasks in the vegetable garden from planning to harvest, as well as some marketing and sales.

Educational Opportunities: Throughout the internship you will learn about the soil and how to improve it naturally. How to work with your body, with hand tools. How to plan, grow and preserve vegetables and herbs from seed to seed and nurture them with natural fertilizers. Yoga, meditation and cooking classes also form part of our holistic educational program.

Stipend: $200 per month after the first month. Meals: Basic foods are provided and will share one meal together each working day. Good Earth love to prepare and share gourmet meals! Housing: We provide basic, camping accommodation for two interns at the Eureka homestead, a 15 minute cycle ride from Talking Horse Farm. In a addition to camping there is a trailer, with kitchen facilities, to share with the other intern, a compost toilet and shower room.

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