Growing New Farmers, Keeping New Farmers

Beginning Farmer Development

Iowa and New Jersey

In the past few days, the associated press reported on a tax break given to people in Iowa who hire beginning farmers to do agricultural contract work, and a story was published about a beginning farmer incubator program in New Jersey. These stories juxtaposed provide a good reminder of the different approaches out there in different communities and in different locales to develop and include beginning farmers in their agricultural economy.

From the Iowa story (excerpt): Tax Credit Program in Iowa (excerpt): The Iowa Finance Authority announced Thursday that the Custom Hire Tax Credit Program is accepting applications. The program was created by the Iowa Legislature earlier this year to provide a boost for beginning farmers … Iowa Finance Authority Executive Director Dave Jamison says in a news release that the program will encourage beginning farmers to stay in the state.

From the New Jersey story (excerpt): The “incubator farm” program created by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey (NOFA-NJ) gives beginning farmers – who likely don’t own land – an affordable, low-risk way to start and grow their farming ventures … Getting three new farms off the ground is a great accomplishment in a state where land prices pose serious obstacles to aspiring farmers. The incubator farm is an important step in reversing the Garden State’s shortage of new farmers to replace the generation nearing retirement!

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