Growing Power International Farm Conference, WI

“Building the Good Food Revolution”

Early bird registration until August 15. Register today!

Learn the ins and outs of the food system at the Growing Power National -International Farm Conference. Early bird registration is until August 15th. Registration is only $275 for all three days including delicious local and organic meals. The menu is prepared by Will Allen himself. We want to guarantee your meals at the conference are delicious, nutritious and memorable.  Register today to reserve your spot!


Don’t miss the exciting line up of Speakers

Grace Lee Boggs is an activist, writer and speaker whose more than sixty years of political involvement encompass the major U.S. social movements of this century: Labor, Civil rights, Black Power, Asian American, Women’s and Environmental Justice. Born in Providence, R.I. of Chinese immigrant parents in l915, Grace received her B.A. from Barnard College in l935 and her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Bryn Mawr College in l940. Read more

Dr. Judith Palfrey is currently the Director of the Children’s International Pediatric Center and is working to establish training and service programs in international sites based on her experiences in the United States. She is the author of five books including Community Child Health (Praeger Press, 1994) and Child Health in America (Johns Hopkins Press, 2006). Read more.

Watch Dr. Judith Palfrey’s speech at First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Launch.

Will Allen Read more about Will.

First Lady Michelle Obama (invited)

Urban Aquaculture Track

Learn about growing your food yourself, using aquaponic technology.  This workshop is designed to educate, enlighten, and inform participants, whether novices or experts, operating small or large facilities, in urban or rural environments about the critical aspects of aquaculture including fin fish husbandry and biology, water quality, system design and technology and fish health.

Workshop includes: Production System Technology; Production Systems Water Chemistry; Adopting the Vertically Integrated Approach; General hygiene practices; Mortar and Brick natural systems; Fish Processing Workshop

See Fred Binkowski explain this track : Urban Agriculture : Fish from Freshwater

Many more tracks to be announced soon!

Exhibit Booths are still available. Be an exhibitor at this conference !

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