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Harvest and Marketing

Harvest and Marketing Manager Job at Loam Agronomics in Richmond, Texas – 2017

Who We Are

300 Acres LLC is a diversified vegetable farm, starting with 40 acres and expecting to expand quickly into the entire 300 acre property. We are located in Richmond, Texas in the suburbs of Houston. The farm serves a large CSA program, local restaurants and farmer’s markets.

We are looking for employees who consider farming a career. We take farming very seriously, and we select applicants who want to be part of a team, work toward a common goal, are looking to be physically active and outside, and want to be a part of a group of people making the sum of the parts better than the individual.

Come work here if you are ready to listen to others, to work hard, to contribute to a team, to share your talent, and to make this place special, where you are happy to wake up, sore and tired, and look forward to continuing our work together.

Job Description

The Harvest and Marketing Manager will be part of the skilled and dynamic team running our diversified vegetable farm. Your responsibility will be to manage the harvesting, washing, packing, delivering and marketing of our produce. The Harvest & Marketing Manger will spend much of their day out in the fields, but will also be required to complete duties in the office. This position will be involved in every aspect of our business from harvest to customer.

The bulk of office time will be in managing our CSA program that serves the greater Houston area. This program includes robust information and data-logging that requires significant office time and basic computer skills.

Duties for the Harvest and Marketing Manager Job will include (but are not limited to):

-Coordinating with Production Manager and Business Owners on all aspects of the farm, especially to determine best harvest date for any given crop, to design weekly CSA shares, to plan work objectives, to determine crew member assignment, to interface with clients, etc.

-Estimating, based on field observations and calendars, what produce is likely to be in inventory for the next week to month, and in what quantity

-Participating in and directing Harvest and Pack crews in the timely harvest, processing, and distribution of a diversity of crops (about 8 to 12 crops per week)

-Maintaining a disciplined and well-paced work environment

-Insuring premium quality of all produce leaving the farm to be sold in farm stands, at restaurants, or in CSA shares

-Maintaining sanitary and organized work and storage areas and cycling any expired produce out of storage and into compost

-Managing our Food Safety Program in compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act

-Maintaining, in good operating condition, all harvest, washing and packing equipment

-Digitally maintaining all farm customer accounts

-Interfacing with clients, CSA consumers, and chefs to satisfy all farm customer accounts

-Writing weekly newsletters to update CSA consumers, and doing research as necessary for recipes and accurate information

-Maintaining detailed harvest records, and spreadsheets to track product flow

Farm Managers will work a flexible schedule depending on season and weather but will average around 45 hours a week. Many weeks managers will receive two consecutive days off. Weekend work and “on-call” status will regularly be required.

Requirements for the Harvest and Marketing Manager Job 


Prior farm experience with at least some management involved is strongly preferred. Qualified applicants will have managed farmers’ market stands, have extensive experience harvesting washing and packing produce, and have experience managing staff. Highly qualified applicants will have prior CSA management experience. This experience will have led to knowledge of crop harvesting, storage, uses and customer relations.


Applicants with education (formal and informal) in agriculture and other select areas will be given special consideration.


Must have the ability to be timely to scheduled shifts, ability work as part of a team and take directions, ability to work at a constant pace for up to 10 hours a day, ability to tolerate weather extremes and do physical labor outdoors year-round, ability to lift 60 lbs and carry it 40 feet, ability to stay in a positive mind-set (even under duress).

Must be able to drive tractors and delivery trucks (or be willing to learn)

Must also be able to work in group settings, communicate clearly, be willing to constructively criticize others and take constructive criticism.


Three professional references, with a strong preference for agricultural references are required. References may be contacted to verify information.


Harvest & Marketing Manager compensation ranges from $28,000-$40,000. After 6 months of continuous employment, Farm Managers receive 10 days of paid vacation per calendar year on a use it or lose it basis. Vacation may only be used when approved by supervisor. Each employee also receives a weekly share of produce from the farm.

To Apply for the Harvest and Marketing Manager Job

Send current resume, references, cover letter, and responses to the following questions to:

Scott Snodgrass


  1. What does sustainability mean to you? Why is it important?
  2. Why do you want to be involved in food production?
  3. Why does this position excite you?


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