Health Insurance Marketplaces Will Open in October

 Health Insurance Marketplaces Are Set to Open in October, 2013

Steph Larsen at the Center for Rural Affairs has been reaching out to farmers and rural residents to inform them about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) in articles such as Will Obamacare Help You? The health insurance marketplaces mandated by the Affordable Care Act are set to open very soon, so I thought I’d put you in touch with some of the information available about the imminent changes.

Whether you’re a beginning farmer employing others, employing yourself, or employed by someone else, you’ll want to know how changes to health insurance in the United States will impact you. What is the Center for Rural Affairs saying?

Come October, “You’ll be able to go to the marketplace and find the health coverage that’s right for your family, discover whether you qualify for federal subsidies, and how much insurance might cost for you.”

You can read the most recent Q&A with Steph here.

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