Holistic Farm Management Training for Aspiring Farmers

Holistic Farm Management

Online Holistic Farm Management Training for Apprentices and New Agrarians 4/3/18 – 10/31/18

Quivira Coalition has teamed up with Holistic Management International to offer a seven month online New Agrarian series. This is targeted to students who are still learning about agriculture and may not have their own operation yet.  The series includes the following courses:
– Introduction to Holistic Management
– Biological Monitoring and Land Planning
– Financial Management
– Marketing and Business Planning
– Grazing Planning
Holistic Farm Management Training Webinars start April 3, and are on select Tuesdays at 1pm or 7pm mountain time through October. Quivira Coalition New Agrarian Program apprentices are participating, along with others from around the world.  Tuition is $1000, with payment plans and scholarships available.  More information is in the attached flyer and at  www.holisticmanagement.org/nap2018/

Introduction to Whole Farm/Ranch Planning

  • You have a dream – now how are you going to do it and why?
  • Sustainable Decision-Making for Everyday Lives of Regenerative Heroes
  • How the World Works: Ecosystem Processes

Whole Farm/Ranch Land Planning & Biological Monitoring

  • You have land. Now what?
  • Planning Farm Efficiency and Other Important Stuff
  • Maximizing Dollars from Sunshine

Whole Farm/Ranch Financial Planning

  • Bringing Home the Bacon with a Lot Less Stress
  • Just how are you going to pay for all this? We have a plan and so will you.
  • Holistic Management makes it rain in more ways than one!

Holistic Marketing and Business Planning

  • Great job growing it! Now let’s sell it.
  • Give Your Cash Cow Some Marketing Love
  • How to Make Fickle Consumers Your New BFF

Whole Farm/Ranch Grazing Planning (optional self-instruction)

  • Something to Chew On – Heal the Land While Making Money
  • Grow Grass for Your Mass and Keep Them Coming Back For More (just not too soon!)
  • Increase Your Stocking Rate: Holistically Managed Animals=Healthy Animals=Happy Animals =More Productive Land=More Animals


For more information about beginning farmer training programs go to https://www.beginningfarmers.org/beginning-farmer-training-programs/

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