How to Post a farm Job or Internship

I get a lot of e-mails these days from folks who want to post a job/internship on Here’s how to post a farm job or internship on the site:

Simply send the description (at least 300 words) of the job/internship opportunity in word format (no bold, underlined or italic text please) along with a photo to They will be posted on the blog/homepage on the weekend as soon as we have a chance to get them up.

Suggested content for job/internship post description:

1) Location and description of farm or organization. Who are you, where are you (be sure to include the state), what do you produce, how do you market, what makes you unique, and why do you want an employee/intern? Please include your website address if you have one.

2) What is expected or desired from interns/employees including: experience/skills/physical requirements/hours/type of work/who they’ll answer to/and what they can expect to be doing on a daily basis/duration of the internship or job, the hours they are expected to work, and anything else that you expect (do they need their their own transportation, etc.).

3) What the employee/intern will get in return including housing/payment or other compensation like mentorship, educational programming etc. (where applicable). Farm internships in particular should not simply be considered a source of cheap labor. An expectation of educational programming, AND guidance from, access to, and regular interaction with the individual(s) offering the internship is what makes an internship/mentorship different than hired labor.

4) Instructions on how to apply (an e-mail address, phone number, or address for sending the application must be included). Please include a list of what is expected in the application packet as well (resume, cover letter, personal statement, dates available, references, or whatever you want to see…). Also be sure to include the due date for applications, and please don’t send applications with due dates that are really close since it may take a few days for them to be posted*.

5) Provide a picture from the farm or project. This is no longer optional. We need a picture to post. Please send separate small .png or .jpg image (not as part of the word file) within the email containing your description. It is best if the picture is an image of the farm that helps potential applicants to picture themselves there. Images fit best on the site if they have a landscape (horizontal) orientation. Pictures that are longer top to bottom than side to side will be cut off when they post on the site.

6) Please make sure the description is at least 300 words. This is the most common issue I have with the posts that are sent in, and I will not post them if they are not long enough. You can use Microsoft Word to tell you how many words your document has. Just go to to the Review tab, then click the Word Count icon.

You can find examples of job/internship postings to use as templates by going through the posts  on the main page of the site. Text for posts must be at least 300 words.

*Please be patient with me. I get a lot of e-mails, and I get through them as fast as I can, It may take up to a week for me to get your listing up, and I will send you a confirmation. If you haven’t heard back after a week, please just resend the post with the words “resend post” in the subject line as a gentle reminder.

**When you no longer want to receive applications, you will need to send an e-mail stating this, with the specific web address of the post so that I can add a statement at the beginning of the blog post indicating that the position is no longer available and take your contact information down. I simply don’t have the capacity to keep track of this without your help.

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  1. We are looking for sweat equity and/or financial farming partners to join us on our startup farm located in the Clarksburg wine country, 15 minutes from the state capitol building, downtown Sacramento, California.
    Our 80 acre ranch is fully irrigated: 2 wheel lines in a 40 acre pasture, drip tape on 15 acres of row crops, micro-sprinklers for a 20 acres orchard block and drippers for a 5 acres small fruit block; we have the most fertile delta soil you can find and we qualify for the organic certification right away.
    We are currently running 250 heads of sheep, 15 heads of goats (meat and dairy) and 40 beehives.

    We are looking for individuals with strong interest and/or experience in vegetable, fruit, flower and herb production as well as meat production. We are eager to launch our pastured poultry program (laying hens and meat birds) Joel Salatin’s way throughout the orchard ground. We are interested in wool processing, mushroom production, sprouts production for human and animal consumption, vermocomposting, smoking/dehydrating, jam/salsa production…
    We want to participate in farm to school programs (pumpkin patch, corn maize, harvest festival…) and make the farm a very family oriented and friendly place (playground, petting zoo…)
    As far as marketing is concerned, we want to start a CSA; we also have 20 farmers’ markets within a 30 minutes drive in Davis, Elk Grove and Sacramento. San francisco bay area markets are 60 minutes away.
    Our master plan calls for a fruits and vegetables stand, a commercial kitchen and meat processing facility on-site.
    We are looking for individuals very passionate about farming and we would appreciate any feedback.

  2. Do you have a point of contacts at Fresno California?

  3. Just keep checking the site. I put a number of new ones up every week. But don’t send your application or resume to me. You need to respond to the contact info. included in the individual posts.

  4. Fakhrul Alam Bhuiyan // February 19, 2013 at 1:17 pm // Reply

    I am a Bangladeshi. I want a job in organic fertilizer factory. i have 5 years practical experience in organic fertilizer production. can i got a job ?

  5. Robert Doroghazi // April 9, 2014 at 1:27 pm // Reply

    Hi im a student from Europe, and im about to finish my University where my major is Animal Science or in USA called Livestock management, so I have a dairy goat farm at home. I worked with dairy and beef cows as well a lot. I worked in a pig farm for 4 year during my Veterinarian High School years, and i was milking cows every internship day for 4 years in the school. So i worked with all kind of animals. I am searching for a farmer, who could be my host for a 12 or 18 month internship program. I can send you my resume ( CV) , and personal description. I was already two times on a work and travel program in U.S.A. so i worked in Minot North Dakota, so if there is someone in North Dakota around or close to Minot, i would accept any type of job. Thank you for any type of help.

    • Dear Robert,

      We have a sheep farm in beautiful Berne, NY and have an opening for an intern. Please contact me if interested! Thanks!

  6. Exceptional Internship Opportunity

    On production scale permaculture fruit and vegetable farm.

    Please apply only if you are passionate about regenerative agriculture.

    AEA Pure Dawn Farm is a startup fruit and vegetable farm in the process of establishing a large scale permaculture farm which will include annual vegetable crops. AEA Pure Dawn Farm is the research and demonstration farm for John Kempf, and will be carefully managed to demonstrate the full potential of plant health and performance, and to describe the possibilities of the what the earth can be.

    The mission of AEA Pure Dawn Farm is to grow the healthiest and most nutritious food possible, and to demonstrate the capacity of food crops to be completely resistant to disease and insect pests when properly managed and provided with the right nutrition.

    The soil and cultural plant management techniques which will be used at AEA Pure Dawn Farm are the result of years of crop consulting work on many leading farms around the world, and are at the cutting edge of the latest research and technology developments.

    You will have the opportunity to learn directly from John Kempf with weekly trainings and regular discussions about all aspects of the farms management, managing plant health, cultural crop management, farm economics, evaluating plant health in the field, the roles of nutritional elements and biology in soils, plants, and in our own bodies, and the need for a heart connection to the food we are growing. You will be able to help shape and guide the training, and also have access to John’s extensive library of information about soil and plant sciences.

    AEA is a startup farm. Everything has to be built from the ground up. We expect a strong commitment and contribution to the farms development from you. There will be a lot of hard work, field work, planting, transplanting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting, packing and marketing. There will also be tremendous learning opportunities. Only stars need apply. If you are not motivated, and a strong self starter, you are not the right fit for our team.

    We have a very dynamic team, we expect our team members to:
    Be passionate about our mission
    We all enjoy working with likeminded friends
    Contribute energy to the team
    Disagreements are desired, they are evidence of critical thinking. Do you add energy to a team, or detract energy from a team?
    Be able to execute and get the job done
    When asked to do a task beyond your current skill level, can you figure out how to figure it out?
    Be candid and forthright about concerns and reservations
    Our most valuable resource is time. We have none to waste in letting concerns remain unresolved. We expect the same from you.

    This is a paid internship with compensation of $325.00 per week during the growing season. Housing may be provided if needed. Please expect housemates if we need to provide housing. You are welcome to any of the crops being grown on the farm for your own use.
    You will be able to be a part of our team from the first week in April through the last week in October. There is the potential for you to be a part of our team on this farm later into the year, or even for the longer term.
    If you are a passionate about regenerative farming, dream about having a farm of your own, and want to be apart of a team who will help develop this farm, please send a short (less than 5 minutes) video clip describing why you are passionate about being part of our team, and why we should consider you.
    Please send to both addresses:
    jwright (at)
    jkempf (at)

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  7. Had so much trouble with our last SEO company we hired, I been researching it in my spare time and
    next time I will hire a junior to sort it
    p.s Don’t take advice from the Warrior Forums haha

    I am the Human Resources Manager , under the employment section in Gordon Dairy and Foods Company here in Canada Branch , we need workers from all parts of the world to join the company , whether Skilled or unskilled they are all qualified to join the company .Career Opportunities include; Service Technicians, Facility Maintenance, Welding and Fabrication Experts, Sales Marketers, Administrative Executives, Laborers, Accountants, Driver,receptionist ,customer services,Engineers , Machine Operators, Software Engineers, veterinary ,Doctors , Nurse and social workers .
    Life Insurance; Paid Vacation benefit; Regular training and promotion; Study Scholarship for one child of each Employee; Medical care and Accommodation for full time employees; Pension and Gratuity
    You can also invite any of your friends and relatives to join us either the Branch in Canada , United of America or United Kingdom ,all approved applicants are to be granted free air plane ticket and free accommodation and hospitality benefits.Applicants are only responsible for work permit visa fees requirements,contact us through this
    email: OR

    Your best Cooperation is highly appreciated .
    Mrs.Jane Smith.
    Gordon Dairy and Farms Ltd
    8800 Main Street Florence ville-Bristol,
    New Brunswick,E7L 1B2 Canada.


  9. Gordon Dairy farms has been listed as a scam.. please be aware and do your research before sending money to anyone offering a job..

  10. hi everybody …I will be happy to work with the rabbi or poultry in my country or everywhere …I like farming job …allow me to try and you will see …

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