A Beginning Farmer Story

A Beginning Farmer Story

Immigration reform took center stage in Washington, D.C. recently. Last week we published a post concerning immigration reform and agriculture (here). Specifically, we shared the responses of some organizations in the agricultural community concerning passage of immigration reform in the Senate.

Here we share with you a story, released by Iowa Public Radio, about a beginning farmer who is also an immigrant to the United States, and recently set roots on a farm in central Iowa.

Air Philavanh bought 11-acres in Iowa three years ago; he arrived in the United States from Laos as a refugee more than 30 years ago. He works a day job at Citigroup and raises a small number of livestock, currently four beef cattle, on his farm. He hopes to add ducks to his operation and sell them live to other Laotians. Philavanh has found mentors through his neighbors in Iowa, and also through Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Savings Incentive Program. To learn more about Philavanh’s story, visit this link.

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