Improvements to Web Soil Survey

Web Soil Survey 3.0 Released

The Web Soil Survey provides free soil information to anyone with Internet access. This service was recently updated by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The new version, Web Soil Survey (WSS) 3.0, is notable for improved map appearance, increased Area of Interest acreage, and upgraded options for changing map properties.

Web Soil Survey 3.0 (WSS) can be accessed at For more information about WSS 3.0 features, click here.

Soil surveys can be used for general farm, local, and wider area planning. WSS was originally launched in August 2005 and since has been helpful in helping landowners and prospective landowners make land use decisions. “Whether a land developer is looking to build or purchase, or a farmer is considering alternative crops, soil survey data is a critical element in the decision making process that produces a successful outcome while protecting natural resources.”

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