Improving the Nutritional Quality of Crops without GMOs

Improving the Nutritional Quality of Crops without GMOs (

EXCERPT: In many areas, particularly in developing countries, poor-quality soils and local subsistence diets are accentuating trace element deficiencies, says Dr. Cynthia Grant, research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Brandon, Manitoba. Often referred to as hidden hunger, trace element deficiencies affect cognitive ability, immune system health and mortality rates, particularly in children. There are huge efforts around the world to increase the content of trace elements in food. These efforts include HarvestPlus, an international initiative partly funded by the Bill Gates Foundation. HarvestPlus, a global alliance of institutions and scientists, is seeking to improve human nutrition by breeding new varieties of staple food crops that have higher levels of micronutrients. The process is called biofortification.

And here is a link to Cynthia Grant’s website which includes links to abstracts of some recent articles related to trace elements:

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