Interest Free Microloans for Farmers – Webinar

Kiva Zip Interest Free Loans for Farmers
Dream funding for dream farms: Kiva’s interest-free microloans for Farmers
Free webinar Nov 10, 2015 2-3pm
Erica Frenay of the Cornell Small Farms Program will host this webinar with Katherine Lynch and Lauryn Drainie of Kiva Zip in NYC.  Kiva Zip, part of the international nonprofit,, offers 0% interest loans of up to $10,000.00 for small businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers in the United States.
Kiva’s mission is to re-insert relationships into our financial system. Kiva’s big innovation is the concept of “social underwriting.” Rather than evaluating a loan application based on credit score or collateral; they evaluate a borrower’s character and network of trust to determine creditworthiness.  Loans are crowd-funded on Kiva Zip’s online platform by individuals around the world who invest as little as $25 each. With access to global a network of tens of thousands of lenders, Kiva Zip borrowers have a funding success rate of 95%!
Lenders come to Kiva Zip because they want to support socially impactful businesses. It’s not surprising that some of the most popular Kiva Zip loans have been for small farms, as dozens of happy, fully-funded farmers have already discovered!
Attend this online webinar to learn how your organization can help the amazing farmers you work with access capital on Kiva Zip!
We’ll cover:
  • What is Kiva Zip?
  • Who is an ideal Kiva Zip borrower?
  • What are Kiva Zip’s loan terms?
  • What is social underwriting?
  • How can your farm education programs use Kiva Zip as a free tool to support the farmers you work with?

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