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Crop Insurance News from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

LSP Releases White Paper on Government Subsidies to Large Corporate Crop Insurance Companies: On November 24, the Land Stewardship Project released a new white paper, Crop Insurance – The Corporate Connection, part of a three-part series entitled How a Safety Net Became a Farm Policy Disaster. The first white paper outlines the profits being obtained by a few corporations from the multiple subsidies provided them by the federal government through the federal crop insurance program. Two other reports in the series will be released onDecember 2 and December 8….




GAO – Updated Report on the Cost of Climate Change to the Federal Crop Insurance Program: On November 20, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report on climate change and the federal flood insurance and crop insurance programs. The new report focuses on what has happened since the previous report released in 2007, including a 68 percent increase in the federal exposure to losses from the crop insurance program between 2007 and 2013…


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