Internship on Organic Biodynamic Farm in Oregon

Farm HarvestInternship on Organic Biodynamic Farm in Oregon, 2013 We are a small, diversified family farm growing high quality, tasty food for ourselves and our local community. We are in our 16th season at our present location, and always organic and biodynamic. The blueberry patch was planted in the 1950's and it has been open for u-picking from the beginning. So we have a lot of loyal customers that have been coming here for most of their lives. Our farm provides an environment that is stimulating, healthy, and fun, and we endeavor to preserve our air, water, and soil for the next generation. We believe in a diversified operation that incorporates as many aspects of the process of growing food and feeding people as possible. We grow grains, hay, cows, chickens, pigs, vegetables, orchard crops, berries, herbs and timber. Most of our animals' primary purpose is to provide fertility for our row crops and berries, though we also produce some beef, pork and eggs. Find out more and get information about how to apply by clicking "read more"

The farm has been known best for its blueberries and salad greens for the past 15 years but over the last five years we have been able to dramatically increase the variety of produce that we offer to our community. Everything from carrots to salad greens to strawberries, to sweet corn, to root veggies, and let’s not forget the melons, just to name a few. We sell from our farm stand, which is open year round, the local farmer’s market, and wholesale to a few local natural foods stores and restaurants in the community. We also have a small Crop Share (aka CSA) program for our neighbors in the McKenzie Valley. Our farm has always had a focus on education and throughout the years we have had hundreds of people who have made the farm what it is today and helped the farm along in countless ways. We were part of a program that brought agricultural students from Korea and Japan, and we have hosted numerous WWOOF volunteers over the years. The farm is primarily run by family members, and, in addition to interns/WWOOFers, we employ a few other people during the height of the season.

YOU: This internship is for people who have an interest in agriculture; growing food as a means to feed oneself as well as a vocation. The internship is intensive by default since the farming season is intense and as an intern you are in the thick of daily life on the farm. People interested in the internship should have a true sense of adventure and wonderment in all things and especially in growing food, they need to know how to work hard but also have a good sense of humor and a joy in staying busy. As an intern you are expected to be up early at least 5 days a week, and ready to bust ass as soon as the work day begins. Days are long at the height of the season, but it is rewarding work, and hey, what else are you going to do with 17 hours of daylight? We expect that you:-Work well with others-Have an eagerness to learn about farming and growing food, animal care, and working as a group.-Are in decent physical shape: without serious health related issues that would prohibit your ability to fully participate in the daily farming activities.-Are able to commit to the full length of the internship, April-Oct.-Do not use drugs or alcohol daily.-Did we mention, work well with others?-Speak English proficiently. (We wish we spoke other languages, but not yet.)-Know that you are not allergic to hay/grass pollen. We have designed these internships to educate you about all aspects of a small-scale, diversified family farm. Which means you will be responsible for some animal care and need to handle hay. Also, the area we are located in is particularly hard on people with grass pollen allergies, as there is so much grass seed grown in the valley. People that are allergic to grass pollen, unless it is a very mild allergy, are generally uncomfortable (and sometimes even physically unable) when outside during the late spring and early summer.-Have a strong work ethic, with an attention to detail and efficiency of movement.-Are excited to share the farming experience and the fresh produce with the community. Hate to burst any bubbles, but retail and marketing are an essential part of sustaining most small organic farms. We would be offering an incomplete learning experience if we did not ask you to participate in the marketing aspect of this farm. Whether that is in the form of stocking and assisting customers at our roadside stand (which is very busy during the blueberry season) or selling produce at our booth at the farmer’s market. Both tasks are very rewarding when you are excited to connect with the local community, but both are also a retail environment, which requires great customer service. Bonus Points-If you have enough experience in farming/gardening to know that it is something you are seriously pursuing as a career/lifestyle.-Approach educational opportunities with enthusiasm and an open mind.-Have worked in other fast-paced, physically demanding jobs that required you to pay attention to the details while maintaining a high level of efficiency.-Have been told by someone close to you that you communicate well.-Did we mention, work well with others? Physical Setting: To the west of the farm are the cities Eugene and Springfield. To the east is the Cascade Wilderness. The farm is situated in the Cascade foothills, on the McKenzie Hwy, between Bend and Eugene, Oregon. A half hour to the east brings you in to the three sisters wilderness which is a haven for hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, and other outdoor pursuits. The farm itself is a stone’s throw from the McKenzie River which is known for its pristine waters and world class fishing and white water. Room & Board, plus Extras: Interns are housed in their own small, unheated yurt. They have access to shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Generally we share dinner several times during the week, especially on the longest days. The farm buys some food goods in bulk: coffee, flour, rice, etc. for interns, as well as provides an abundance of farm produced food including dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and meat. Interns have access, and should make use of our library, it covers a wide range of topics with an emphasis on sustainable food production and responsible land stewardship. We will schedule a series of farm visits to introduce you to our vibrant sustainable farming community and give you a chance to see how other farms operate. Make no mistake, this is schoolin’ at its best. We want to reward your hard work with a solid base of knowledge in sustainable farming. This may mean that we ask you to research a topic you are interested in and present your what you have learned to the group, ask questions about things you do not understand, etc. Interns are paid a small stipend which will be determined upon hiring. We also like to keep up spirits with other small¬† outings, jumps in the river, outside adventures, and social fun. Before applying consider some of the following: The work is physically demanding. Bending, twisting, lifting, kneeling, etc. Be ready. Bring your good work ethic. Community Living: harder than it sounds. During the growing season we are all working together, eating together and people can get on each others’ nerves. An easygoing personality helps. Tolerance and sensitivity can go a long way to yielding a good experience for all involved on the farm. You have to be open to learning in all ways, even the basics, even how to use a shovel properly.

To apply contact Jack Richardson

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