Internships Positions at Partners Trace in New Paltz, NY

3 Internships Positions at Partners Trace in New Paltz, NY Type: Internship Application Deadline: April 1, 2012. Partners Trace is a 6-acre practicing organic farm located in New Paltz, NY. They employ some biodynamic methods because they believe in treating the farm as a whole entity--they work for the land so it is able to work for them. Partners Trace Organic Farm They are primarily a CSA Farm, 2-years old; founders have been growing on and off their whole lives. This year, they have teamed up with a Brooklyn, NY-based distribution and marketing company called Plovgh and together they are exploring alternative models to a traditional CSA, and how social media can be used by small farms to create a community between the farmers and those who want and need their food. They are also working to grow the educational aspect of their farm by accepting food stamps, and educating people in how to plant, store, and cook with their produce. Their Interns will have the opportunity to work on a very diverse, small farm employing organic and select biodynamic practices. They grow about 40 types of vegetables, 20-some herbs, and many flowers. In residence also are several varieties of chickens and turkeys, goats, sheep, and pigs, who's primary job it is to fertilize the fields. Interns will learn how to organize and plan for a 100+ member CSA operation, and gain hands-on experience planting, harvesting, weeding, and fighting pests using organic and biodynamic methods; greenhouse work; learn low-cost, moveable alternatives to deer fencing; to grow, care for, and harvest vegetables, flowers, and herbs; and learn about companion planting and other sustainable pest, weed, and disease-control systems.

Interns will also learn about distribution methods to get produce to local and city consumers, which includes assisting with a weekly local and city CSA pick-up point/farm stand, and online sales and use of social media to communicate/educate our community about our produce and growing methods. If interested, interns will also be able to learn about the business/financial aspects of a small farm.

They are looking for up to three curious, hard-working, honest, respectful, and land-loving people. They will, in exchange share everything we’ve learned. The farm is run by two people and interns; They hire other people on a short-term, as-needed basis. Interns are expected to be able to lift at least 30 lbs., and to be fit enough to work for 8 hours/day, at least 3-days/week outdoors in the summer. You will work with all aspects of planting, cultivation, harvesting, and distribution of produce. Must have a valid US drivers license, as you will be asked to drive to pick up supplies, and to assist in driving produce to markets in the Hudson Valley, and New York City. You will have the opportunity always to ask questions, learn how they farm, and, though everyone does everything on this farm, they encourage interns to take responsibility for some area of production, if they are inclined to specialize.

Partners Trace is on 100 beautiful, partially wooded acres, so hiking is a perk. New Paltz is known for prime climbing, biking, and hiking spots, has an amazing farming community, and is a college town, so has some culture and progressive attitudes. They are 15 minutes drive/within easy biking distance of Downtown New Paltz. Although they can’t offer housing, they will happily help you find a place to live while working with them, if needed. This is a non-paid internship. If you are passionate about working on their farm, don’t hesitate to respond; a 3-day workweek allows for a part-time job, and they will help you find paid agricultural work, if needed. And provide you with all the produce you need + lunch on every workday.

You will need your own transportation for personal travel, travel to and from the farm (biking is definitely possible); they provide a vehicle for all work-related travel. Although you won’t be required to work directly with the animals on the farm, there is livestock, and so a plus for anyone interested in learning about livestock care. They also will be offering pickling workshops and leading farm tours/farm dinners for those interested in being part of an active community, this is the place.

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter telling them why you want to intern on a small, practicing organic farm; what you draws you to Partners Trace, in particular; what experience(s) make you a good candidate for this position; and provide 3 references, (who will be contacted), and whom you have worked for in the past 3 years (supervisors, managers, owners, or teachers only, no co-workers, friends, or family). No resumes, no attachments; please list in the body of your email what you have been doing (work, school, volunteer, internships, traveling, etc…) for the past 3 years, and briefly how this internship fits in with your goals for the future. Email this to

Deadline is April 1, 2012. For the right candidate, work can begin in mid-March–September. If you are in school, you can work through your summer break. All applicants must be able to commit to at least a 3-day work week of 8-hour days from June–August.

Thanks for your interest in Partners Trace

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