Introduction to Small-Scale Regenerative Farming Course

Introduction to Small-Scale Regenerative Farming

Farming 101 – Introduction to Small-Scale Regenerative Farming at Wild Willow Farm and Education Center in San Diego

Seven-week Course, two days/week
7 Field Labs, Saturdays 9am to 4pm at Wild Willow Farm
6 Classes, Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm in central San Diego

2018 Course Dates

Spring 2018 Mar. 17 to April 28
Fall 2018 Sep. 29 to Nov. 10

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Tuition: $700 (includes $100 enrollment fee)


Tuition includes textbook. Enrollment Fee is non-refundable. You are not enrolled until the Enrollment Fee is paid. Must apply and pay deposit by March 3 for Early Enrollment Discount.

Wild Willow Farm’s Farming 101: Introduction to Small-Scale Regenerative Farming course offers students an introduction to techniques and strategies for small farming or agricultural advocacy, or to simply grow more of their own food.

This seven-week (seven Saturdays, six Wednesdays), two-day-per-week course is offered several times each year. With a horticultural and practical focus, students learn about soil fertility; tool use; till and no-till strategies; composting; sowing and transplanting; principles of irrigation; and pests, pathogens and beneficials. The last class is a discussion about building farm resiliency and a farm’s relationship to many systems we must interact with: governmental, social, commercial, educational and regulatory. Classes are held in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego (near 30th & Juniper) on Wednesday evenings, with field classes and labs at Wild Willow Farm on Saturdays. This course is a prerequisite to becoming a Tier 1 Farming Student.

Apply for Farming 101 – Introduction to Small-Scale Regenerative Farming

Wild Willow Farm and the School for Sustainable Farming are fulfilling the vision and purpose of San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project, an educational non-profit whose mission is to educate, cultivate and empower sustainable food communities in San Diego. From the beginning our goal has been to engage people with their food system by being advocates for small-scale, local and sustainable farming through education, volunteering, community events, workshops and more.

As farm students, we welcome and encourage you to express yourselves and be creative on the farm in whatever form that may take. The vision for the farm is a collective one, formed out of the community that surrounds and nurtures us and to which you, as students, are a part.

Upon completion of Farming 101, students may enroll to become a Tier 1 Farming Student (T1) and take unlimited T1 basic weekly classes at Wild Willow Farm.

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