Job: Apprentice at Crager Hager Farm, Georgia

Job: Apprenticeship at Crager Hager Farm, Georgia 2014

Crager Hager Farm is looking for an apprentice for 2014. They are looking for someone who is interested in learning how to run a market oriented sustainable farm.  The person should have some farming or serious gardening experience, a good work ethic and a willingness to learn and explore. Prior study of horticulture or vegetable farming is helpful.CragerHagerFarm

This is a full time position. Apprentices will work 45-60 hours per week with one day off each week. Apprentices will receive training in a full range of farm related activities from crop planning to marketing to book keeping to insect identification. Crager Hager Farm provides housing on site and a monthly stipend.  The position starts in February.

Crager Hager Farm is a fruit and vegetable farm in Carroll County, Georgia. They are currently Certified Naturally Grown and implementing Permaculture principles on the farm. They sell at farmers markets and wholesale. This is a diversified farm that sold 120 varieties in 2013.  The primary crops are strawberries and salad greens.

Applicants should send resume and cover letter to

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    is this still available?

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