Job: Apprenticeship at Common Ground Farms, Wyoming

Job: Apprenticeship at Common Ground Farms LLC, Wyoming, 2013 Common Ground Farms LLC is offering a farm apprenticeship that runs May 1 through October The farm is located on 300+ acres of Certified Organic irrigated farm land at 5000 feet elevation 45 degrees latitude. Soil is sandy loam with good PH. Lots of opportunity, lots of wilderness, lots of work, lots of reward. We are building a community where there is a chance to make it in Wyoming Skills Desired: DESIRE, and all the determination that it will take to be a success. Some of these skills you do not have, we will teach them but you must have a burning desire to learn them and execute them. Meals: Provided. We eat what we grow. Housing is provided.

Preferred method Of Contact: Any way you like.

30 in Powell, WY.

2020 Lane 13H

Powell, WY 82435

Contact: Rod Morrison, Greg Costanza


[Cell] 307-272-4681

[Cell] 607-229-8891

[Home] 307-754-7042



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