Job: Co-Manager(s) Sought at Williams Island Farm, Tennessee

Position: Co-Manager Compensation: Monthly Stipend and Housing Location: Tennessee River outside Chattanooga, TN Williams Island Farm is located on a 450-acre island in the Tennessee River just downstream from Chattanooga, TN. The farm provides food for several of the city’s restaurants and grocery stores and has a stand at the farmers’ market. We adhere to organic growing practices and try to be as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible. We need a farmer or farming couple who are willing to learn and work hard to help the farm grow. The vision is to be able to provide a place for young farmers to come and gain experience growing and also to practice a lifestyle that requires one to be self-sufficient.

We seek to fulfill our role in the Chattanooga local food community and be an educator for it’s young people. Housing on the farm is off-the-grid and there are monthly stipends available. Tasks will include working with tractors and other farm equipment, building structures, cooking, growing crops and delivering food, taking care of animals, and working with interns.

Contact: Richard Candler


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  1. I am interested in your available position. I have management experience and farm experience. I available immediately. 423-260-0833 Thank you. Vandy

  2. brandon blankenship // April 3, 2013 at 3:32 am // Reply

    Hello there, i’ve been on the internet all night trying to find a solution to my current situation, and it seems if though your opening would be the perfect solution. My wife and our six month old daughter are trying to relocate to chattanooga, and i’ve always wanted to start up my own greenhouse or mushroom farm. We’ve saved around 3500 to move. But housing and jobs have become a stressful find. We are prepared to relocate from our home in west tn at the drop of a hat. Please consider me as an option, i am an eager and quick learner, and a hard worker, especially when it comes to mother nature. 7313633757. Give me a call anytime. I’d love to learn more about tuis opportunity.

    • Please re-read the post and you will find the right address to reply to. I just post jobs, I don’t hire anyone.

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