Job: Crew Leaders at Many Hands Farm Corps, Massachusetts

Job: Crew Leaders at Many Hands Farm Corps, Massachusetts, 2014

Many Hands Farm Corps is located in Amherst, MA.  They hire leaders to help mange the farm and facilitate one month internship sessions throughout the summer. Leadership positions run from May 1-August 31 for people 21 years and older with at least one full season of farming experience. Many Hands Farm Corps

Leadership training begins in May with an intensive four week training that mimics the internship, though it assumes leaders are already familiar with basic farm work and focuses primarily on the structure of the internship and group dynamics, as well as lesson development, and provides leaders with the tools and basic principles to help facilitate successful internship sessions.  All leaders get a hand at doing various tasks on our own farm and are introduced to the farms that regularly hire crews of interns.

Following the training, each leader will be assigned specific roles on the home farm based on their interests and abilities.  Some examples are harvest manager, field work manager, planting manager, tractor operator, greenhouse manager, and more, though everyone will frequently do a bit of everything.

All leaders regularly work with the interns, supervising crews on our farm and other farms ensuring crew safety as well as setting high standards for quality and quantity of work performed by providing examples,motivation, and feedback for interns. Because the work can be tedious and at times discouraging, farm contract leaders role is primarily to maintain high morale among the crew.

One leader each month is asked to live in the intern house in order to facilitate a safe, healthy, and educational living environment that will include group discussions/meetings, educational activities/workshops, recreational activities and down time.

To fill these positions they are looking for people with high energy who are very social and enjoy working with others.  Leaders receive a stipend of 1200$ a month, housing is not included (with the exception of those who live in the intern house for one month).  There is potential for continuing employment in the fall and winter.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to For more information see their website,

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