Job: Director of Research at Rodale Organic Farming Institute in Pennsylvania

The Rodale Institute, founded by organic agriculture pioneer J.I. Rodale, is a non-profit organization dedicated to regenerative organic agriculture research and outreach to farmers, policymakers, and the general public. The Institute is based on a 333-acre farm in Kutztown, PA. Research is centered on the Farming Systems Trial®, founded in 1981, an on going comparison of organic versus conventional farming. Additional on-site projects include weed and fertility management in standard till and no-till organic vegetable and grain crop production, integrated livestock systems, biocontrol of black cutworm, long-term mycorrhizal exclusion plots, and a constructed wetlands project. Additionally, an off-site organic agriculture research and development project in South Africa is planned to begin in 2010. The Institute seeks a PhD-level scientist with ecological, soil-focused training to direct institutional research. The position is a scientific leadership role requiring dedication to scientific process, organizational and management duties necessary to run a comprehensive research department. This is a great opportunity for the research director to build and grow a research team, which currently includes three other researchers and several seasonal field technicians. For job description and application details, click 'Read More'


  • Leads and manages research staff
  • Provides leadership and vision for all research projects, including development of short- and long-term research plans, deliverables, work plans and timelines
  • Ensures research projects fully adhere to the mission and strategic plan of the organization
  • Executes research protocols so that the investigations generate timely, reliable, and valid data that will yield meaningful contributions to knowledge or technology suitable for publication of original full-length articles in refereed journals
  • Identifies and applies for grants, including directing grant writing
  • Judiciously manages fiscal resources for research activities
  • Solicits and incorporates input and perspective from the broader agricultural and academic communities
  • Initiates and maintains research project collaborations and strong professional relationships with researchers, farmers, industry, and policymakers
  • Leads the dissemination of research knowledge to farmers and other stakeholders
  • Fulfills public speaking engagements to accurately, clearly and professionally present research findings and hypotheses to scientific, farmer, policy, and general public audiences
  • Analyzes, interprets, and clearly and accurately communicates (both in writing and speaking) all data collected from current research projects to a variety of audiences
  • Publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts annually


  • A PhD, including soil science and agroecology training
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven track record in grant writing and acquisition
  • Prior experience managing research staff
  • Experience managing research projects, including grant-funded projects, preferably in organic or sustainable agricultural practices with specific emphasis on long-term research projects (more than five years)
  • Hands-on sustainable agricultural experience
  • Experience in design and implementation of new research trials
  • Experience with the use of advanced statistical software (R and/or SPSS)
  • Working experience with and understanding of ArcGIS
  • Extensive experience with and understanding of standard soil and crop analytical techniques
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the National Organic Standards.
  • Dedication to the mission of the Rodale Institute

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2 Comments on Job: Director of Research at Rodale Organic Farming Institute in Pennsylvania

  1. Hi there, I ‘see’ that you need a Research Director, and I have read the stipulated requirements; however, over fifteen years I have finished’ the equivalent of 2 doctoral degrees – according to one independent academic, based at UNE-Armidale(NSW Australia); and as can be viewed on my website-Domain: I have contributed the equivalent of 2 PhDs to the advanced knowledge of toxins manufactured by toxic woody weeds, which can and do kill native fauna and flora seasonally.
    Additionally, I have published highly valuable new ideas in the US Journal of Soil & Water Conservation(1993), on ‘the Sustainable Timespan’ in particular, as well as articles(also refereed) in Soil Science, Ecology and Ornithology, not to forget Organic growing and Organic Farming, and Food Irradiation Impacts!
    Please consider me for any Research Position/s that may be becoming available in the near future…..
    Sincerely, and environmentally, Joe A Friend Author, Research Scientist
    BScAgr(Syd.) Honours thesis on the (organic)diseases of Mushrooms; IPM specialist with Distinctions in Entomology and Plant Pathology;
    postgraduate Certificates in Organic Auditing(BFA-TAFE NSW)2010, and Organic Inspector (NASAA)2000.

    • You didn’t read closely enough. Rodale needs a Research Director. Please contact that institution directly. You wrote this to a blog which provides information on jobs (among other things) and not to the folks who are actually hiring for the position.

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