Job: Farm Manager Wanted for Coastal Mendocino County Organic Farm

Oz Farm, located outside Point Arena, CA, is looking for a farm manager to begin work in early 2010. Certified organic since 1991, Oz has nine acres under cultivation, including an heirloom espaliered apple orchard, plus an additional 11 acres certified organic. The 270-acre property straddles the Garcia River, and is located three miles from the ocean, about three hours north of San Francisco. Oz Farm also hosts seasonal retreat groups and occasional weddings.

They are looking for someone (or a couple) with significant farming experience who can takemanagement responsibility for the farm operation and significantly expand our CSA as well as restaurant, retail and wholesale accounts to a year-round operation with additional clients. The farm manager must work closely with Oz Farm’s owners, who are particularly interested in year-round farming.

Farm Manager responsibilities include: developing and following an annual work plan, budgeting time and costs, recruiting, training and managing seasonal interns, marketing and the management of our CSA and other accounts, maintaining organic certification, soil enhancement,crop production planning, procuring, planting, irrigating, harvesting and sales. In addition, the farm manager is expected to direct special projects, including fencing, carpentry, irrigation and other capital improvements.

The position is a full-time one-year contract with the prospect of a long-term relationship. Off-the-grid photovoltaic housing heated with wood stoves is provided as well as farm produce.

Oz Farm’s current farm manager, who has held this position for the past nine years, will be moving onto his own land next door and will be available for guidance. Point Arena is a small but vibrant coastal community. Several former OZ Farm staff have settled in the community.

Pay commensurate with experience. Cash incentives will also be offered for expanding farm production.

For more information: See Please direct questions to John Hooper (co-owner) at 415-626-8880 or

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  1. Melchor L. Cuizon // September 1, 2010 at 3:04 am // Reply

    September 01, 2010

    The Manager
    Oz Farm
    Point Arena, CA


    In response to your advertisement that I saw at the position of a FARM MANAGER, please consider this letter of application. I believe I can deliver the performance required for the job with my education; long years of experience and strong technical background on organic crop production. .

    I am presently working as RESEARCH SCIENTIST handling Plant Nutrition and Agronomy with the Research Division of Stanfilco, A Division of Dole Philippines, Inc. The company is the worldwide leader and exporter of fresh fruits (banana, pineapple, papaya, etc.) and vegetables. Should my qualifications merit your consideration, I shall be glad to discuss with you personally any further details you may require. I have attached my resume for your assessment and this should give you some idea of my educational qualifications and experience.



  2. thank you for replying to my request i would love to get to know you better so let begin talking together on myspace ok?

  3. Melchor L. Cuizon // November 11, 2010 at 3:24 am // Reply

    Good day!

    Hows my application to the position of a Farm Manager?
    Would appreciate hearing words from your end.



    • Did you send the application to me? You need to send it to the organization that is offering the position. Their information should be in the post. I merely post jobs. I cannot possibly forward applications to the organizations that offer them. Nor do I have any information on applications sent to organizations whose positions I post. Sorry for the confusion.

  4. I am interested. Please contact me for CV.

    Len Heard

    • Please use the contact info in the post to inquire about this job. Beginning farmers is simply an information site that posted this job for the people who are offering it. We have no say in the hiring process.

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