Job: Greenhouse Manager at Top Sprouts in Massachusetts

Top Sprouts is a start-up company based in Boston, MA. We partner with building owners to develop sustainable rooftop greenhouse systems to grow fresh produce for urban consumers while greening the building and generating a healthy return on investment. Our vision is to integrate rooftop greenhouse systems to all suitable urban buildings and create local, self-sustaining economies that will Produce quality food in a sustainable way; Provide new job opportunities; Build strong communities; and Lessen our environmental footprint. At Top Sprouts, we strive to bring entrepreneurialism into every aspect of running our company-innovation, creativity and passion. Job Description We are currently looking for a Greenhouse Manager to join our management team.  The company is currently run by its two founders, Alice Leung and Akshay Kolte.  Alice serves as the Chief Executive Officer and also leads the sales and marketing efforts.  Akshay is the Director of Business Development and Finance.  Del Mandawe, our Construction Project Manager, oversees the design and development of the greenhouse applications.

The role of the Greenhouse Manager will change and grow as the company continues to develop more greenhouse sites. For the first two years, the Greenhouse Manager will mainly work with our team on the first pilot project in Boston, MA.  During the pre-construction stage, this will include designing the greenhouse layout, crop scheduling and developing training material with our network of local growers and consultants. After construction, the Greenhouse Manager will manage the greenhouse operations and document issues, lessons learned and best practices that can be used to inform the planning and operations of future sites.  Operation of the greenhouse will include tasks such as seed starting, plant care, harvesting, and some packaging. Our goal is for the Greenhouse Manager to develop the capacity to manage and oversee a number of sites.


We are looking for a Greenhouse Manager with at least 1-2 years of greenhouse operation experience operating, preferably someone who has worked with both soil-based and hydroponics growing systems and a diverse range of crops.  Technical skills should include knowledge of plant science, hydroponic fertigation, pest management and disease identification, crop scheduling, project management, basic plumbing/irrigation repair, basic computer control experience, understanding of hydroponic consumables (growing media, seeds, beneficial insects, etc.) and their ordering sources.

The Greenhouse Manager is also expected to work with the management team on the sales and distribution of the grown produce.  Strong work ethics, willingness to learn and experiment, honesty, leadership ability and team spirit are all must-haves.

Compensation Commensurate with experience

How to Apply Please email your cover letter and resume to:

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