Job: Greenhouse Manager at Cityscape Farms, San Francisco

Job Description:

Greenhouse Manager

Type: Full-­time

Salary: Yearly (depends  on  experience)

Location: San Francisco,  CA

Cityscape Farms grows fresh produce in greenhouses throughout the urban landscape to create sustainable local food economies and combat global warming. We are working on developing a network of hydroponic greenhouse farms serving the Bay Area. These farms will be located in underutilized parts of the urban landscape, specifically rooftops and vacant lots.

We are seeking an innovative, strong leader to manage day-­to-­day operations and help expand greenhouse business opportunities. The ideal candidate will be someone who enjoys hands-­on growing activities with expertise in all aspects of crop production including purchasing supplies, propagation, potting, fertilizing, watering, pest and disease management practices, and maintaining environmental controls. Other duties consist of business development & marketing, hiring and managing grower staff, providing customer service, implementing inventory control, and ensuring the upkeep of equipment and facilities.

A flexible work schedule to include some weekends is required. Position also requires extensive knowledge of hydroponic plant production (vine and leaf crops) and personnel management skills with proven ability to be self-­motivated. Experience with organics and USDA certification a plus (we seek to become a certified organic hydroponic grower).


-­A bachelor’s degree in horticulture or a related field

-­At least five years of experience as a nursery/greenhouse worker

-­Expertise with hydroponics/aquaponics including drip, ebb-­and-­flow, and NFT systems, as well as HID lighting configurations

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  1. Hello there! I have four acres of property on the outskirts of Dallas, TX and I plan on investing in a hydroponic greenhouse to be a local supporter/supplier organic produce. Where do I need to start when considering to attempt this idea?

    • To answer this question I need more information about your resources and needs regarding land, finances, production knowledge, market access, business planning… Let’s talk over e-mail.

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