Job: Herdsman, Stone Wall Dairy, Connecticut

Position: Herdsman

Type: Full Time

Location: Cornwall, CT

Compensation: Salary, Housing, Potential to become part of business

Stone Wall Dairy Farm, a retail raw milk producer, is looking for a creative and dedicated person to manage our herd of Jersey cows. This is a long term opportunity with salary, housing and potential to become part of the business. Responsibilities include managing the herd with associated tasks, plus help develop and refine the farm so it continues to be an asset to this community. Must be willing to approach operations organically, holistically, and be able to work cooperatively, with a touch of reverence and a bit of humor. Contact Chris Hopkins @ 860 672 0261 or email

Contact: Christopher Hopkins


4 Comments on Job: Herdsman, Stone Wall Dairy, Connecticut

  1. Mr. Hopkins;

    Is this job filled yet?

    • Marsha,

      I’m not Mr. Hopkins. I simply posted this on his behalf. Please go back to the original post and you will find the appropriate contact information.

  2. Stay away from this farm. They have a bad reputation. Many farmers have come and gone through this place time. They’ve been trying to find a herdsman for years with out success and every time some one comes for the job they are quickly driven out. They are dishonest.

    • Don’t ever drink the milk there. The state shut them down because high bacteria and dirty milk. They don’t believe in good milk quality and don’t take care of there cows. Very dishonest place.

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