Job: Kentucky Heritage Hog Farm Manager Needed

Job Description for Black Oak Holler Farm (BOHF) Manager Security: Oversee the maintenance and security of Black Oak Holler Farm, livestock, equipment, buildings, and public safety. Animal Husbandry: Be responsible for the daily welfare and care of livestock including feeding, watering, and management of swine herd as directed.  All animals must have free access to water at all times.  Sows in labor, farrowing and lactating sows should be checked twice daily.  Shelter and bedding will be provided prior to delivery. Record keeping and research: Be responsible for keeping records: a) daily work on farm (work log), b) daily feed schedule (record grain provided to group), c) breeding assignments and farrowing schedule (sow record sheet), d) soil preparation and planting schedule.  BOHF Manager will: a) be responsible for conducting and recording data for USDA Grants, Crop Tree Study, b) assist in training farmers and interns in prescribed farming system. Farming: Carry out scheduled soil preparation, planting and animal harvesting in plots as scheduled.  Assist with infrastructure projects such as fencing, watering systems, and drainage improvements.

Farmers’ Markets: Assist at area farmers’ markets selling BOHF products as needed.

Maintenance: Responsible for general maintenance and upkeep of buildings, farm equipment, tractor and implements, Gator, feed mill, chain saws, weed-eaters and generator.  All farm equipment is to be used only by the BOHF farm manager or other persons legally employed on the farm.

General: Responsible for supplying fire wood in the winter, lawn service in summer and other general maintenance requests for house and farm.

  • A weekly schedule will assign specific work for that pay period, documented time sheet/work log.
  • Any anticipated problems with completing assigned work should be discussed in advance.


  • Three-month probation period, salary negotiable
  • Use of house and designated garden plots.
  • Permission for farm manager to hunt on farm, however prior notification and permission is required for any other hunters on the farm.


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  1. Very interested in job you have listed.have owned and operated 500 fArrow to wean operation.worked around hogs all my life .excellent and record keeping and management. My phone number is 618-383-4509 or618-384-0361.
    Thank you

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