Job Opportunities at Community Farm in Wisconsin, 2012

Wisconsin Community Farm - Blue MoonJob opportunities at Blue Moon Community Farm in Wisconsin, 2012 In 2012 Blue Moon is hiring 1 full-time Assistant Farmer, 1 full time Field Worker, and 1-2 part-time employees. Experience a small, diversified organic farm on the southern edge of Madison.  Blue Moon is a CSA and market farm in Stoughton, WI growing high-quality vegetables, pastured pork and turkeys for the local community.  In 2012 Blue Moon’s CSA has100 members, and a weekly Saturday market consumes the balance of its 5.5 acres of vegetables.  Aside from tillage and some cultivation, all of the farm’s field work is done by hand, and there’s lots of it.  Employee work is focused on field production and harvesting, washing, and packing vegetables.  Opportunities to work with our livestock are also possible for full-time employees. For more information about the farm, visit Blue Moon is looking for employees who have a strong work ethic, are focused and observant, and work compatibly in a fast-paced environment.  The work is physically challenging and often uncomfortable—good physical health is essential.  Farm work is production work—the farm makes money by quickly and efficiently growing and harvesting crops.  Employees should strive for speed and efficiency while maintaining high quality.  The farm’s small but mighty crew members must work well together, but employees must also have the self-motivation and drive to work alone productively as well. Punctuality, preparedness, and flexibility are a must. The Assistant Farmer position requires a minimum of 2 years of vegetable farm work experience. While experience is helpful for other positions, it is not necessary. Employees also staff our Farmers Market stand occasionally (more often if desired) at the Westside Community Market in Madison (Saturdays, April-November). For more details and information about how to apply click "read more"

Season Length:

Full-time work begins in May, with part-time hours in April available.   Full-time work ends at the end of October, with part-time hours potentially available in Nov-Dec.

Part-time employee start dates are flexible—as early as May 1 or as late as June 1. Part-time work ends at the end of October.

Hours: Assistant Farmer, 7:30am-4:30pm M-F (42.5 hrs/wk); Full time Field worker 8am-4:30pm (40 hrs.wk); Part-time hrs and days will vary, minimum of 20 hrs/wk

Lunch: 30 minutes

Compensation: Commensurate with experience starting at $9/hr.  Full-season employees also receive vegetables and a $100 meat purchase credit.

What Blue Moon can offer:

Through field work, employees gain experience in all aspects of field production of over 40 different crops.  Specifically, employees will learn seeding, transplanting, weeding, and harvesting efficiency; Many larger one-time projects such as fencing, trellising, building; and post-harvest handling techniques on a small-scale operation.

In addition, the Assistant Farmer will be trained in supervising other staff, greenhouse management, irrigation, and harvest management.  Tractor work will be integrated as the season progresses.

How to apply:

If interested, please submit a resume and 2 work-related references to:
Kristen Kordet, Owner
3856 Schneider Dr.

Stoughton, WI  53589

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