Job: Program Director at People’s Grocery – Oakland, CA

Start Date: July 1st, 2010 People's Grocery is a community-based organization in West Oakland that develops creative solutions to the health problems in our community that stem from a lack of access to and knowledge about healthy, fresh foods. Our mission is to build a local food system that improves the health and economy of the West Oakland community. People’s Grocery is facing exciting times: we have a new strategic plan, ambitious 3 years goals, and increasing access to the resources we need to change the food system in West Oakland. We are looking for a Program Director who will be a strong and supportive leader for the program staff, someone who can provide context for programming and who will drive the overall strategy of programs at People’s Grocery. We are looking for someone deeply grounded in local grassroots activism that also has familiarity with national work; someone who can keep our local programs healthy and resident-driven while also allowing our programs to play a role in the national food justice conversation. The Program Director will report directly to the Executive Director and interact deeply with the senior team.

Performance Requirements:

* Primary Responsibility: Program Management

o Directing programs – developing overall workplans goals and objectives, developing and managing program budgets, and ensuring projects are meeting deliverables and are in line with funder expectations

o Connecting projects to overall strategic goals

o Working with E.D. to develop new programs bearing in mind organizational capacity, opportunities, and challenges

o Integrate 4-7 projects into a comprehensive program, including high-level strategy and involvement in the national food justice movement.

o Manage and Supervise 5-8 program staff

o Evaluate programs and provide analysis and feedback regularly

o      Attend necessary workshops, conferences, events and training seminars

o      Developing staff program leadership, keeping the pulse of staff, and building a culture of program mission-success

* Additional Responsibilities (when appropriate):

o Communications:

+ Serve as a spokesperson with external audiences for all program areas and develop staff/residents to be spokespeople around the program areas.

+ Work with the Development Director to properly position programs with members and supporters

+ Contribute to the production of newsletter articles and other promotional materials

o Development:

+ When appropriate, steward relationships with funders and partners

+ Work with the Director of Development to assist with fundraising


* Minimum education requirement: bachelor’s degree

* Experience managing complex programs, new and established.

* Strategic planning experience, proven ability to create and implement new strategies, identify opportunities, and find solutions independently in an environment without extensive systems

* Prior experience in a management role including direct supervision of multiple levels of staff and employees

* Experience managing multiple program areas

* Exceptional organizational and managerial skills with the ability to handle multiple priorities and projects simultaneously

* The ability to effectively manage complex organizational change

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills; able to master complex issues and convey information clearly

* Strong interpersonal communication and relationship skills

* Preferred:

o Experience in either the health care field or for-profit business field

o Experience working in the food movement

o Education- and/or advocacy-based program experience

Title: Program Director, People’s Grocery

Classification: Full-Time Exempt Employee

Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience, benefits included

Location: Oakland, CA

Start Date: July 1st, 2010

Reports to: Executive Director of People’s Grocery

To Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to

No calls please.

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