Job: Urban Agriculture Coordinator, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI – Central City Neighborhood Organization seeks full-time Urban Agriculture Coordinator

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. (Walnut Way) is a neighborhood association with a mission to sustain economically diverse and abundant communities through civic engagement, environmental stewardship and creating venues for prosperity. Walnut Way is seeking a full-time Urban Agriculture Coordinator to oversee production and operations in our Central City Milwaukee neighborhood-based campus. Walnut Way operates sub acre production gardens and orchards, teaching gardens, and educational programs. The Urban Agriculture Coordinator is responsible for the management, planning, and oversight of Walnut Way farming operations from land preparation through quality harvest including all aspects of organic vegetable, herb, flower and fruit production. Additionally, s/he is responsible for the coordination of Lindsay Heights neighborhood tree and garden installations. S/he is also responsible for organizing campus maintenance including snow removal and landscape upkeep.

Please see position description for more detail. ***Please note all application materials are due by March 29th 2011.

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  1. To the person who wrote to say there was no link: You’re not looking hard enough. Click the link that says “position description” near the bottom

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