Listen to a Radio Interview with Gene Logsdon, Farmer, Author, and Outspoken Advocate for Family Farms and Sustainable Agriculture

In his introduction to Gene Logsdon’s book Living at Nature’s Pace: Farming and the American Dream (1994, Chelsae Green Publishing), Wendell Berry writes:  “To love farming–real farming–in this day and time requires what a lot of people like to call crankiness but is in fact courage. I have been reading Gene Logsdon for many years, and I have always taken courage from him. I thank him, and I shake his hand.”

Logsdon is an icon of agrarian prose, and has always been a passionate advocate for sustainable family farming. In his classic work The Contrary Farmer (1994, Chelsae Green Publishing) he writes:

“The voice of the turtle can be heard again, ringing through the land, as the old Wyandots and Mohegans who once roamed my farm would say–a new surge of creative energy that moves the earth in a direction of self-redemption and sustainability that not the richest PAC nor the oldest institutionalized claptrap can stop.”

We are pioneers, seeking a new kind of religious and economic freedom. We flee the evils that centralized power always generates. Our God does not reside in the inner sanctums of cathedrals, but walks with us, hoeing in the fields. Sometimes I see Him checking the bluebird houses for murderous starlings and house sparrows and give him hell for inventing the nest-robbing bandits. He smiles and reminds me that stupid scientists brought the starling and house sparrow to America, not Him.”

On November 23rd, 2009, Gene was interviewed by public radio station KZYX. THE INTERVIEW CAN BE HEARD HERE

Be sure to visit the excellent website and blog The Contrary Farmer – Gene Logsdon and Friends for writings, ideas, practical advice, and farmer wisdom.

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