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Assistant Farm Manager/Farm Staff/Work Exchanges for 2018 Season at Living Roots Farm and Sustainable Living Center in French Lick, IN

One Assistant Farm Manager Open – these positions will share significant responsibility with Michael in operating the market farm. This includes annual and perennial fruits and vegetables and animals. Responsibilities may include working with the CSA, farmers markets, supervising others, etc. These positions are for those with more significant farm and/or leadership experience.

Two Farm Staff positions – these staff positions will assist farm management in operating the farm. Will work in many aspects of operation, including annual and perennial fruits and vegetables and animals. These positions are for those with a lesser amount of farm experience.

Work Exchange Positions – This is similar to an apprenticeship program, but it is quite different. The work exchange is only 3 farm work days a week, giving the work exchanger 4 days of flexibility and more freedom to choose what they are interested in learning. During these 4 days, it’s a possibility for the work exchanger to do more farm work (if they want a fuller experience), focus on sustainable living skills (off-the-grid/homesteading skills, culinary arts, healing arts, etc.), personal growth/reflection, or do whatever they like (such as work another job). See below for more info. More info about this on our website.

Farm experience is great, but aspects such as teamwork, communication skills, organization skills, dependability, and self-motivation are just as important.

Stipends are between $200 – $1000/month, depending on experience and specific roles assigned. Work is 40 hours/week (plus or minus a few hours depending on season, needs on the farm, and role of individual)

Housing is included. Housing options include either the farmhouse, off-the-grid tiny house village (we have 6 cabins), or camper – depending on availability. Living Roots is a family-friendly farm and also has some family housing options.

Food is also included for individuals and their families. This includes produce from the gardens, eggs from the farm, and other bulk staples. The food supplied is predominately vegetarian; however, meat is sometimes available from our farm animals. All residents always get discounts on our grass-fed beef.

Staff positions are for an entire growing season (Early March – Mid-November), unless otherwise communicated.

Other perks for staff include: individual garden plot in shared garden space, use of wood fired cob hot tub, limited free wi-fi, use of arts center (healing arts, creative arts, culinary arts), and free access to any classes taught in the healing arts space (yoga, massage, acroyoga, etc.)

The Living Roots Farm arm owner, Michael Hicks, has been organic gardening and farming since 2002. Our market farm produces just about any vegetable you can imagine for our 110 family CSA, Farmers Markets, local coops/natural foods stores, and restaurants. Main crops are garlic/onions, brassicas and hardy greens, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, peppers, and beans. Other crops include: figs (in Hoophouse), strawberries, blackberries, melons, Jerusalem artichokes, yacon, eggplant, okra, other roots, etc.  We grow over 300 varieties of produce each year.  Also winter production in 3 hoop houses. And the farm now has chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, and grass-fed cows which you will also get to work with.

Living Roots Farm is within walking distance of Tucker Lake (Springs Valley State Recreation Area) and the Hoosier National Forest (lots of trails), and biking distance from Patoka Lake, French Lick, and Paoli.

We welcome you to join us in sharing the abundance of this land!

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