Local Food, Holistic Health Tours, Costa Rica

Centro Ashe Local Food & Holistic Health Tours of Costa Rica
Roots and Culture Tour: Sustainability Local Food & Our Health, January 2-8
This tour will bring you in direct contact with Talamancan producers and naturalists, and will provide you with practical insight into the local food system in this area known for its autonomy, incredible biodiversity, and unique mix of Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean cultures.  You’ll see how large scale plantation agriculture, development, and even tourism have threatened food sovereignty and local economies in this area, and how local people are working together to face the challenges of protecting their land, their culture and to create a more sustainable Talamanca. Experience how the incredible abundance of tropical super foods this regions is known for can promote health and well being.  You’ll have your chance to cook traditional foods with a local chef, learn about local plant medicine and the nutritional value of locally grown foods such as cacao.  During the tour you will be staying in Manzanillo, a beach town along the Caribbean Coast known for its amazing coral reefs, frequent sloth, monkey and toucan sightings, and entry into the Gandoca/Manzanillo National Reserve.

Grassroots Traditional and Holistic Health Tour, January 9-15
Join Centro Ashé and TulaVida Holistic Health  as we dive into Caribbean life and explore the grassroots origins of health and medicine in Talamanca, Costa Rica.   We believe strongly that human beings should be empowered by and have access to our cultural traditions of health and vitality.  Holistic health traditions including herbal and nutritional health are of the people and for the people. They embody our ability to heal ourselves and each other, and not become dependant on the segmented and ill modern health care system.  We are dedicated to keeping this cultural knowledge alive and thriving in our communities.  You will tour several different venues of health, be it herbs, or food and nutrition, or simple daily relaxation. Additionally you will have the chance to learn about some of the justice issues being faced in this field.

More information on Talamanca and its agricultural history can be found here. For more detailed information and registration please visit our website at www.centroashe.org

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