Marketing Courses for Farmers Free Online

Free Online Marketing Courses for Farmers, 2013

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Entrepreneurship is offering two free marketing courses for farmers online. Marketing AgriTourism Online is aimed at helping rural-based agriculture develop agritourism opportunities. With another course, eTailing – Taking Charge of Your Online Presence, small business owners can expand their geographical reach.

You can learn more on the UNL extension entrepreneurship website.

Be sure to visit the “Marketing Resources” page right here on There are many marketing resources out there, including many local resources such as UNL’s, so of course we cannot compile and list them all. But we offer a fairly robust and thorough resource.

In addition to our marketing resources page, we have a “Farm and Market Directory” page, which lists online marketplaces where farmers can food locally, or where consumers can find products to purchase.

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