Mondragon Permaculture Cooperative

Making a Permaculture Mondragon Cooperative complex

Kirstie & Nicholas had an informal discussion with Professor Fred Freundlich of Mondragon University about the history and state of the worker-cooperative movement, and Mondragon in particular, in reference to establishing a global permaculture worker cooperative.

We came away from the meeting optimistic that our dreams of developing sustainability projects in a worker-cooperative framework can be realized.  The two systems have the potential to be mutually beneficial:  permaculture can contribute to the environmental sustainability aspects of Mondragon, and the economic and social sustainability aspects of the Mondragon cooperative can stabilize permaculture in the world (Gaia Permaculture). A permaculture worker-cooperative could research, develop and replicate the permaculture worker cooperative complex and create a truly sustainable future. A Gaia Permaculture Mondragon Cooperative Complex.­



Our hopes for a global permaculture cooperative have been tempered by (1) our concerns that a global worker-cooperative cannot function profitably while embedded in the current global out-sourcing entrepreneurial culture, and by (2) our observations of the dysfunctional hierarchical relationships which predominate at established Permaculture farms in Australia

video http://Permaculture.TV

Photos of Mondragon Cooperative Tour
Photos from Mondragon or Arrasate in Basque

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  1. Folks,

    I am in the process of creating a fishing fleet to catch and process Asian carp taken from the Mid-American Rivers. I plan to build the ships in the US, probably in Port Monroe, MI. I will need finish carpenters and other shipwrights to build wooden ships. Then, I will need asbout 50 for the crew/staff. The plan is to have two worker cooperatives, one for the shipbuilding and one for the fishing fleet. Please visit: and give me an email if you are interested.

    Jim Miller

  2. WE ARE DOING IT! this is a permaculture cooperative industry in Spokane, Wa inspired by MONDRAGON

    This is a decentralized urban farm that is a business model designed with permaculture principles that employs people, restores the environment and produces affordable food. Replicate it in your city!

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