More on Vertical Farming. What do You Think?

A couple of days ago I posted a blog about the  The Vertical Farm Project from Columbia University. In the last few days, the idea has recieved considerable press coverage. There was a good Op-Ed in the New York Times which talked about this idea. Also an article in the Seattle Times. And here is an interesting piece in Next American City. A New York Times Article from 2008 covered the issue as well. For more in depth information, check out Dickson Despommier’s essays on vertical farming: Reducing the Impact of Agriculture on Ecosystem Functions and Services: PART ONE and PART TWO. You can also check out an interesting Video From (which analyzes news coverage of important issues from multiple sources).

What do you make of this? Please share your opinions by clicking ‘comments’ at the top of this page and telling us what you think.

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