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Morning Ag Clips sends me an e-mail every morning with the latest agriculture news (local and national). You can also visit their website at and read the national headlines or brows by state. There’s something for everyone here, whatever your interest in agriculture and whatever size your farm. Here are a couple of sample clips from today:

American vs. European farming

A Sept. 7, 2013, article in “The Economist” says American agriculture is different from the European variety because Americans treat food as commodities, whereas Europeans are more concerned where food comes from and if it is produced in ways they view as acceptable. The Economist article says the emphasis on science in American education and the Extension Service prepare American…

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Do GMO crops foster monocultures?

Do GMO crops “foster monoculture?” This is a frequent criticism of modern agriculture. I have three with problems it: “Monoculture” isn’t the right term to use to describe the relevant issues – its really about a limited crop rotation History and economics are the drivers behind this phenomenon, not crop biotechnology The solutions – to the extent that they are…

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