National Good Food Network Webinar

National Good Food Network Webinar
Thursday, June 16, 3:30-4:45 PM ET

Local Food in Retail: Two Models, One Goal; FREE! Reserve Your Space Now

In order to build a thriving local food system it takes actors from different sectors, each working to their strengths. Philadelphia is, in many ways, a national leader for innovative approaches to retail.
Fair Food is a non-profit with a long history of championing local food in Philadelphia. Their many market-based programs and services are a model and stepping stone for local food retail from very small to very large. Weaver’s Way Co-op is a thriving retail cooperative with three locations in Philadelphia, including one in an underserved community. Their commitment to selling local food has supported many small farmers, and secured a loyal membership.
Learn how these two organizations with similar commitment to an idea, but very different approaches, are building Philadelphia’s local food economy.
– Ann Karlen, Executive Director, Fair Food
– Glenn Bergman, General Manager, Weavers Way Co-op
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