Nelson Grass Farm Internship in Minnesota

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Nelson Grass Farm is Looking for an Intern for the 2018 Season in Ogilvie, Minnesota


Nelson Grass Farm started 7 years ago and has grown every year since.  We are working from the soil up. We have worked on a variety of different enterprises but will be focusing on broiler chickens, laying hens, and pigs for the summer growing season.

Skills Desired:

  • Experience is welcome but not necessary
  • A willingness to learn and good attitude  
  • Ability to work outdoors in any conditions
  • A calm presence around the animals
  • Ability to work around others including children

Educational Opportunities:

There is not a set curriculum or course.  We will be working together through the routine challenges and chores of the operation.  We will answer questions as we go, but sometimes the nature of the work and schedule don’t allow for an in-depth conversation.  We will set aside time about each week to delve into topics and questions that have arose during the work week. You will be involved in all aspects of our pasture based operation, this includes the end result of dealing with the customers.  There are several big projects planned for this year; fencing, waterline, and animal structures are some of the highlights for this summer. You will learn how to use some equipment ranging from hand tools to skid loader.


The work week will include every other weekend and will be 30 hours.  There will be a monthly stipend of $1000 a month. We are looking for minimum three month commitment, with an opportunity for longer arrangement.


There is no permanent housing available. Some arrangements for camping or parking a camper can be made.  Meals will be on your own.

Internship details:

You will be involved with daily chores which includes feeding, watering and moving animal groups.  Collecting and sorting eggs. Tracking feed used and other performance data. Often working with others or independently working from a list of tasks. You will be outside walking and carrying things.

To apply for the Grass Farm Internship, please send the following things to  RYAN@NELSONGRASSFARM.COM

-Your resume 

-Your interest in agriculture?

-What you want to learn/expect from this internship?

-Tell us what you are passionate about, ag related or otherwise.


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