New Documentary on the Aging American Farmer

A special documentary, “Changing Lands, Changing Hands,” has come to us by way of Harvest Public Media.

The average age of American farmers continues to increase and is currently around 57 years old. Harvest Public Media explores this demographic trend and its many implications in a new documentary film, which can be viewed online here.

Harvest Public Media has recently published an entire series on issues related to demographic trends in agriculture, including the aging population of farmers, the work of young farmers, and the nature of farm transitions. Many of these issues are pertinent to beginning farmers:

U.S. Farmers are Growing Older;

Turmoil in Farm Transitions;

Retiring to the Farm, Anything But Quiet;

Young Dreams, Huge Obstacles;

Estate Taxes Can Complicate Farm Transitions.

“Harvest Public Media is a reporting collaboration focused on issues of food, fuel and field. Based at KCUR in Kansas City, Harvest covers these agriculture-related topics through an expanding network of reporters and partner stations throughout the Midwest.”

If you’re interested in the above topics, considering visiting the following webpages: farm succession planning and finding farmland.

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