New Generation of Farmers Returning to Iowa Farmland

News story about beginning farmers in Iowa, May 2013

Iowa beginning farmers were featured in a story in the DesMoines Register on May 21.

The focus of the article is on a purported flourishing interest in Iowa agriculture, as well as an explication of some of the challenges faced by beginning farmers.

Next Generation, a program run through Practical Farmers of Iowa, helps support and educate farmers with less than ten years experience. Next Generation began with 75 farmers, and the network has grown to 1,200 beginning farmers, with 30 farmers added each month.

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has increased its enrollment from 2,845 students in 2008 to 3,900 students in 2012.

You can access the full article here to read more about trends related to beginning farmers in Iowa.


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