New Information on Conservation Stewardship Program from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

NSAC’s (National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s) new Farmers’ Guide to the Conservation Stewardship Program is here! The farmer-friendly guide to the new Conservation Stewardship Program is now available!  Download a copy and share widely.  The guide is also available on the homepage of the NSAC website.

First Conservation Stewardship Program Sign up Ends September 30th: Time is running out to be a part of the first sign up for the new Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP).  Farmers must take the first step in the application process by submitting a basic application with their local Natural Resources Conservation District by September 30th.   The CSP will make payments to farmers for maintaining existing conservation practices and for adopting additional practices on cropland, grassland, improved pasture, rangeland and non-industrial private forestland.  Payment will also be made for adopting resource conserving crop rotations.  A NSAC alert is posted here.

NSAC members, the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) and the Organic Farming Research Foundation have posted a wealth of information for producers on their Websites.

NCAT and the Center for Rural Affairs are also providing phone-based sign up assistance to farmers.  Call the Farm Bill Helpline at the Center for Rural Affairs at (402) 687-2100.  The NCAT number is 1-800 346-9140 (English) or 1-800-411-3222 (Spanish).

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