New Organic Farming Web Resource from USDA

Learn about a new web resource for farmers on USDA and Organic Agriculture 

Mark Lipson, an organic farmer and a USDA Organic Policy Advisor, announced on USDA’s blog the launch of a new web resource on that centralizes all of “the programs, services, and data” the USDA has to support organic agriculture.

This resource is for organic farmers or for farmers considering transitioning their land, or some portion of their land, to organic production.

Following is a short excerpt from the blog post, and you can link to the post here. also has compiled many links to production resources, including information on organics. You can view our “Production Resources” page here and view all of our information pages along the left hand side of our blog.

Organic operations (and those considering transitioning to organic) can:

  • learn about improved organic crop and livestock insurance,
  • view local and national organic commodity price reports and other economic data, and
  • identify additional export markets for their products.

They can access credit and cost-sharing assistance through traditional farm loans, more flexible microloans, and conservation programs that reimburse farmers for implementing environmentally-friendly practices …

Additionally, USDA supports many organizations that provide organic research and education. For example, land-grant universities use USDA funds to help farmers and ranchers across rural America manage pests, support their animal’s health, and provide other production and conservation assistance.

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