New Potato Digger on a Beginning Farm

This is obviously actually a very old potato digger, but like many new farmers, this one is recycling old technology for use on a small, diverse farm; the kind that most new farmers can afford to start.

Small Digger 2Small Digger 1

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  1. This is a little different than most diggers I have seen, but looks like it works pretty well. Problem is there isn’t enough potatoes to bother digging. I am building my own version of a digger and will post a video of it this fall when I dig my spuds. Hopefully I can show you a video of potatoes that are worth digging and picking.

  2. Hmm sorry about that, I am pretty tired been planting garden all day. Can’t believe I spelled potato’s like that. I guess one had better watch their toes around the digger ;-).

  3. What is the make and model of that digger? Where can I find one? How much do they generally cost?

  4. That is a john deere two row digger from the late 60 early 70. very popular but pretty scarce in my neck of the woods (north west) they made a single row machine at the same time period that would be even better but it is very rare. International made units that are alot alike the john deere counter parts around the same time period. These are great units because there old but still basically modern technology. I see alot of diggers from the 40’s and 50’s for sale but they are usually ground driven and dont have good bearings i dont know how long they would last in a semi commercial setting

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