New Venture Job and Farming Opportunity, Ohio

Farm pioneering opportunity for well-focused social entrepreneur within a 235-acre property in Northeast Ohio. Joseph Badger Meadows, an underutilized Presbyterian USA camp and conference center, is looking for an on-site camp coordinator. The rural location is 30 minutes north of Youngstown, Ohio. The coordinator will live rent- and utility-free in a 3-bedroom house and with full access to turn 12 acres into a farming/grazing operation. Well access for irrigation and use of outbuildings and some implements are negotiable. In exchange for these housing, land and infrastructure benefits, this site coordinator will work 5-15 hours a week overseeing and administering camp functions.

Goodness Grows, a well-established and well-networked agricultural non-profit committed to seeing individuals and communities thrive through regenerative agriculture, will help in selection of the coordinator(s) and will provide educational and marketing support. Besides being able to establish a successful market farming operation from the ground up, the candidate(s) must be open to the mutually benefiting overlay of ecological and agricultural education and social outreach programs in the region. Big dreamers and creative thinkers with successful farming experience (preferably with a natural systems orientation) are encouraged to apply.

Please direct inquiries by March 26 to Steve Fortenberry at Goodness Grows:

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